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How to Appear Confidence in Your First Date?

I was nervous on my first date. I’m sure you were too. Or if you haven’t been on a date yet, then let me give you a few tips that may be helpful:

1. Don’t overdress.

2. Don’t use too many accessories. Are you sure she will like your earing?

3. Keep to simple colours. Don’t wear a red or orange shirt… do so only once you know the girl.

4. Keep to a simple haircut – too much gel may make you look like a starched potato.

5. What about your shoes. Don’t forget to shine your shoes or if you are wearing boots make sure they are cool! ( Forget about sports shoes…you are not David Beckam!).

6. Where are you meeting her? Meet her in a place that makes you comfortable. Meeting her in a dimply lit restaurant may make her uncomfortable and nervous.

7. Do you have enough money? Make sure your wallet is full. If not keep your credit card on standby.

If it is a blind date then make sure you have that air of confidence and a special handshake that will tell her that you are the person she has long been waiting for!

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