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You and lies !

MS-POST-IMAGE-lie Have you ever told her a lie – your girlfriend or even your wife I mean!

 Maybe you have! …small lies….maybe! Don’t worry. You are not alone.

We all have!

There are white lies and more serious lies. White lies don’t matter but serious    lies can harm you as well as others. Occasional lies can often lead to more  frequent lies and then someday they can become a disease – a way of life.  Perhaps!….and then disaster!

Some men lie to their wife. Some guys lie to their girlfriends. Many women do too.  Which category are you in?

Are you a non-liar, a frequent liar, or an occasional liar? Don’t worry! Set your mind to it and you can get over it. It’s all about mind power.

Pathological liars need help. Unfortunately doctors may not be able to help them. If they are young, they are often abused, beaten, or punished for telling lies, but there are often deep – seated reasons for this. It is always better to find out the root causes for this.  Otherwise it may cause a lot pain, a lot of hurt, and loss. A Mind Science coach may be able to help and stem out the main causes of what drives one to lie.

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